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Gareth Brady’s Testimonial

“I can’t believe you folks offer to wash and fold laundry while you clean my house. Now that’s a REAL TOUCH of service if you ask me!”
Gareth Brady, Herndon VA

Cesar Martinez’s Testimonial

“Every contact with your company from start to finish was wonderful. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that is proactive and not reactive! Excellent experience again!! Thank you.”

Cesar Martinez ; Alexandria, VA

V. Chakarian’s Testimonial

“Your company’s service, both over the phone and during the actual job, was courteous, professional and prompt. I was especially appreciative of your efforts to get my house cleaned quickly as I needed a rush job – and Real touch delivered! I will definitely be calling you in the future for my cleaning needs. Thank you!”

V. Chakarian; Falls Church, VA

Luis Campos’ Testimonial

I found the level of customer service very high and overall was very pleased. Before I hired a company to clean my House I did my research on web and checked out all of the companies on the Better Business Bureau’s website and found Real touch, Inc to be highly rated. Now I know why.”

Luis Campos, Ashburn, VA

J. Therway’s Testimonial

“Did a great Job with my house. I had another maid company come in previously and they were cheaper but in the end it looked terrible so I got nothing for my money. You guys made my house look amazing. Thanks!”
J. Therway

B. Amos’ Testimonial

“Your customer service is just great. While I don’t like spending money on this sort of item (shoes are more fun to shop for and spend money on), I don’t mind when your folks are friendly, helpful, on time, we recieve the expected product, and DO A GREAT JOB!”
B. Amos

Marla L.’s Testimonial

I really appreciate your willingness send your crew by on Saturday morning to clean the two small s townhouse, I had forgotten to have done last week when I’m out of town .the prompt respond As always, your service and caring for your customers is a model for all businesses!